Ayanthi is a jiu jitsu practitioner, works in government transportation, and is an appreciator and aficionado of puns.  Join us as Ayanthi and Eckie discuss jiu jitsu, education, data science in transportation, and so much more!

Mario Hamblin Jr. is a teacher, a jiu jitsu practitioner, and in this episode recaps an entire Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament experience.  Listen in as Mario and Eckie discuss social anxiety, training, tournament preparation, and just how much goes into overcoming hurdles, no matter what size, shape, or form.

Jessica and Eckie discuss the indie game hit Golf Story for the Nintendo Switch!  Join us as they also discuss physical therapy, the latest happenings with Warren, and the creative process via video games.

Jessica is a martial artist, digital marketing strategist, and mixes marinara sauce with alfredo when she doesn't have a pink sauce!  Join us as we welcome Jessica back for a discussion about the latest happenings with Warren, Halloween, yoga, and why Jessica wants to have a chicken named Ravioli.

We are joined by the wonderful Jessica for another installment of Warren's Announce Table!  Join us as Jess and Eckie discuss WWE news, purchasing a new game console, and trying out DDP Yoga!

Jessica is back for the midweek podcast!  Join us as Jessica and Eckie discuss businesses capitalizing on social trends, Warren's latest developments, and the latest WWE NXT coverage for this week.

September 19, 2018

Dear Warren #41 - Chloe Buckner

Chloe is a teacher, freelance writer, and a tea connoisseur/snob.  Join us as Chloe and Eckie take a deep dive into education, common core, clean water, and how Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and the online game Fortnite can be used to promote literacy!

Ben is a father, project manager, boxing instructor, and a whiskey connoisseur.  Join us as Ben and Eckie get into data-driven everything - management and leading in a technological world, universal basic income, automation, and stretching our consciousness to unimaginagle levels via technology!

Michael is a father, artist, bow hunter, and in this episode introduces us to the world of foraging, specifically for reishi mushrooms! Listen in as Michael and Eckie discuss the medicinal properties of mushrooms, the zen of archery, and being guitar and bow hunting gear heads.

Jason Reddish is a father, entrepeneur, and was recently introduced to the honeyhole position in BJJ and is now a huge fan!  Listen in as Jason and Eckie discuss health, psychology, and take a deep dive into politics.

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